‘The Bachelor’ Is Coming to New Zealand, and The Promo Has Us All Hot and Bothered

Sexy bachelor galloping bareback on the beach on a Friesian that is literally kicking up rose petals from the surf? YES PLEASE.


A few weeks ago we shared a video of Juan Pablo, the controversial Bachelor from the 2014 season, showing off his equestrian skills, er, lack thereof. You can watch it here but beware: It is NOT hot.

In stark contrast, “The Bachelor” is coming to New Zealand next year and if this trailer is any indication it looks to be a big improvement in the equestrian department:

New Zealand bachelorettes, come and get it. I can’t decide which is sexier: that guy’s abs or the horse.

(Just kidding. The horse is sexier.)

My favorite comment on the video from the The Bachelor NZ Facebook page:



In addition to abs and horses, what else can we expect from the show? From the website:

Join us as we embark on the ultimate romantic adventure, following one man’s quest to find love, with the woman of his dreams. The Bachelor NZ journey will see Bachelorettes put their heart on the line in hoping to find their perfect man – The one!

Episodes include group dates, one-on-one dates, lots of drama, romance and sizzling chemistry…and of course the rose ceremony. During the rose ceremony, the Bachelor presents a single red rose to each of the Bachelorettes that he would like to get to know a little better. Any woman left without a rose must pack her bags and leave the Bachelorette mansion.

For more information on the show, visit the website here. Many thanks to our Canadian reader Joyce Greenfield for the tip!

Go Riding!



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