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Helmet cam fan? Check out this cool rotating mount to give you every possible camera angle!


With the advent of helmet cams in recent years, it’s no wonder that companies are scrambling to come up with the “next big thing” for these tiny pieces of electronic gold. Which is why RotoR came out with a swivel mount that attaches to a helmet.

It’s a pretty cool concept — instead of a fixated point of view, and instead of having to have multiple cameras shooting different angles, this swivel mount enables the user to capture all sorts of angles with minimal effort.

While I have to admit, the changing of angles is a bit much, I would imagine that this video was done for demonstration purposes only, and an average user may not find it necessary to constantly change angles the way this person did.

It’s still cool, though, to see a reining horse put through its paces from that perspective. Some angles make you feel as if you’re hovering above the horse and rider, others give a glimpse of the rider’s face, and others give you the traditional helmet cam view of the horse’s head and neck. What do you think?

We’d be willing to give a shot, although we can’t be too sure on how it affects a rider’s balance. Two GoPros swinging around on a rotating mount? It’s definitely interesting, we’ll give it that!

A sharp addition to your apparel lineup, if you’re planning to take a bird’s eye viewpoint with your helmet cam, is Fleeceworks’ new Western Pad featuring Australian Merino Sheepskin and Therawool. Western and trail riders rave about the Fleeceworks Western pad, saying that it keeps their horses’ backs comfortable and well-ventilated for the hard work they put in each day. The new and improved pad is able to store 35% of its own weight in liquid, meaning your horse will not be soaked in sweat after use.

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Go Riding, Go Helmet Cams, and Go Fleeceworks!

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