Morning Feed by Fleeceworks: Golden Button Challenge

Otherwise known as the pee-your-pants challenge.


The Golden Button Challenge is approaching! This three-day UK extravaganza is a challenge to test even the most bad-a$$ of riders. It’s held over Valentine’s Day weekend this year and begins with a full day of hunting with the Ledbury Hunt on Friday, followed by a three-mile cross country ride over an original steeplechase course, followed by a Grand Ball to cap the weekend off with cocktails and social graces.

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Terrifying, I mean, fun! We all know hunt riders are some of the most gritty (nutty?) out there, and this weekend seems to be just another way for these guys to test their determination. Check out this course preview for this year’s challenge:

No big deal, just a fence modified to accommodate 60 horses hurtling over it.

Pretty cool, right? Better yet, here are some highlights from a Challenge a few years back. There are some fences on that course that might even make Andrew Nicholson run crying to mama.

So what do you think? Would you give the Golden Button Challenge a shot? Come on, just do it. And then report back to us… from your hospital bed, mwah-ha-ha.

Go Riding, and Go Fleeceworks!

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