10 Swedish Trotters Dance to Shakira

 Their hips don’t lie.


Wikimedia Commons/Jorge Royan/CC

Ten horses. One arena. And Shakira.

Ten harness trotters from Sweden’s Wången center (an equestrian center dedicated to Swedish harness racing) wowed the crowds at this fall’s Sweden International Horse Show with their Saturday night drill team performance. They wove in and out at high speeds, drove in formation, and showed their adjustability in tight circles, all to Shakira’s “Objection,” a song with a tango beat which includes the lyrics:

Tango is not for three
Was never meant to be
But you can try it
Rehearse it
Or train like a horse
But don’t you count on me
Don’t you count on me boy

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean (Is training like a horse a good thing?), but I think these Swedish harness trotters just proved that dressage isn’t the only discipline where horses can dance.

Go Trotting.

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