Calm Yourself (& Your Horse!) with HN’s Newest Sponsor, CEVA

You won’t believe how well CEVA Animal Health’s new product, Confidence EQ, works for calming your horse!

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We all have had those horses: the nervous types, who get antsy when a new situation is presented. We’ve searched high and low for some way to calm the nerves without getting us kicked out of a horse show or feeling like a pharmacy, but it’s hard to find the perfect solution.

Luckily, our newest sponsor, CEVA Animal Health, has created a product which will give us a new tool for calming nervous horses, Confidence EQ is a new pheromone gel that uses a similar pheromone to that which nursing mares give off to their foals to create a calming sensation when applied.

How exactly does it work? You simply apply the gel to your horse’s nostrils and wait to see the product in action. Many horses may exhibit the lip curling behavior known as the Flehman Response, which is an indicator that the pheromones are doing their job.

This product can be useful in new training situations, trailering, horse shows, or any other situation in which your horse may get especially nervous.

Interested in more? Be sure to check out Confidence EQ, and available at Valley Vet Supply and Jeffers Equine. Stay tuned for reviews on the HN team’s experiences with Confidence EQ, and be sure to get some for yourself!


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