Beware of Stolen Fuller Fillies Products

A  burglary at  Fuller Fillies means you may see online deals that are too good to be true.

(Homepage image: Flickr/hobvias sudoneighm/CC)

Last week burglars robbed the warehouse of Fuller Filles, a clothing retailer for plus-size riders, taking the entire supply of boots, most of the breeches and some older inventory. Founder and managing director Suzanne Wild, founder and managing director, suspects that much of that merchandise will be resold online in coming days.

Fuller Fillies attire is considerably more affordable than having plus-size riding wear made to fit, with pricing ranging from the budget-minded to mid-range. For example, their show jackets go from £41.97 to £143.95 (USD $63.56-$218.01) and breeches go from £20.07 to £58.95 (USD $30.40 to $89.28). It’s possible that price range attracts just the kind of consumer who would comparison shop on eBay.

Sometimes, a dream deal on the perfect pair of boots for a wider leg really is too good to be true. If you find a Fuller Fillies product you suspect is stolen, contact owner Suzanne Wild with details ASAP!

Customers with legitimate Fuller Fillies online orders in process , or who shop at one of their retailers in the U.K., U.S., France, the Netherlands, or Australia should still be able to receive their items as the company is insured and has new stock coming soon.

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