7 Things You’ll Find at Barns of the Ultra-Wealthy

Chandeliers, equine pools, a concierge…what would you add to your barn if money was no object?

Multiple arenas, live-in staff, perfectly manicured trails and cross-country courses–all of these simply come with the territory once you become a multi-millionaire (I assume). But what about the little things that take barns of the rich and famous from standard to spectacular?

Let’s explore with some features of real barns:

Chandeliers: Well, why not?

A room for you to admire your trophies and your horses: Or I guess you could use it as an office. But really, how much work is getting done with a view like that?

Bill Gates’ Rancho Paseana, a racehorse training facility
UT San Diego

 A concierge: If you have enough money, you can leave all the monotonous tasks of daily living up to someone else. Companies like Insight Property Management offer tailored services, from landscaping or equipment repair to bringing you aspirin on a Monday morning, or making sure your pantry is full of your favorite food when you arrive home after a show. Who wants to worry about those things when you’re uber-rich and you’d rather play all day with your horses?

An “entertainment barn”: It’s such a hassle to have barn parties for your 200 closest friends in an actual, working stable…so why not build a separate barn specifically for parties? That’s exactly what the owners of the $98 million Shakespeare Ranch did, complete with a chef’s kitchen and walls stacked high with wine. “They don’t make barns like this in Texas,” President Bush told the owners when he visited the Ranch one summer.

A pool for your horse: Let’s face it, no one wants to see your farmer tan lines at the pool. But your four-legged friend could use some aquatherapy, right?

Your own personal veterinary clinic: Maybe you are a vet. Maybe you just want the best facilities around in case one of your horses gets sick. Either way, this $1.6 million Wellington estate has everything you need to provide the best care possible for your horses.


Wikimedia Commons/ Pete Markham/ CC

Indoor greenhouse facilities: At Jackson Land and Cattle Ranch in Wyoming, the grass is always greener…when it’s grown indoors to your exact specifications. As one of our writers Amanda Uechi Ronan noted when she wrote about this property last year, “grass grown outside is just uncivilized… it’s like drinking from the tap.”

Ok…thinking about buying a Powerball ticket. What would you want to add to your barn if money was no object?


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