Dozens of Horses Gallop Down the Street in Montana

No big deal.

What would you think if you saw this in the middle of your town? Besides, “DEAR GOD GET THAT KID AWAY FROM THE ROAD”?

This scene of mayhem shows Browning, Montana’s Tal Michael Memorial Running of the Horses Event, in which cowboys round up bucking stock off the prairie and do a short run through the town as part of the annual Indian Days celebration, which showcases Blackfeet Indian culture.

The running of the horses and a rodeo occur as part of the event in memory of Tal Hoyt Michael. Michael, a Native American rancher, rodeo rider, and student at University of Montana-Western in Dillon, died at age 21 in a car accident in 2006. According to the Glacier Reporter, he owned a string of rodeo bucking horses and had hoped to acquire bulls as well.

Whether or not seeing a herd of horses galloping on your street would give you a heart attack, you have to admit that it’s quite a sight.

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