Welcome Onboard, Merial!

Horse Nation welcomes Merial aboard as our newest awesome sponsor.

Merial featured rider Julie Wolfert celebrates that winning feeling.

Merial featured rider Julie Wolfert celebrates that winning feeling.

Winning. We all love the feeling of a victory, of all our goals coming to fruition and our hard work paying off. But what about that work that goes into winning? What about the victories that come when no one is watching?

The preparation that goes into a winning formula goes beyond what happens in the show ring. It can be found in the everyday routine we use for our horses, and the small goals we set for ourselves on a daily basis. It can also be found in the health regimen for our horses, and that’s where our newest sponsor, Merial comes in.

Merial makes both UlcerGard and GastroGard, the only products for the prevention and treatment, respectively, of equine stomach ulcers, which have been found in two out of three non racing performance horses.

Although there are other products that claim to treat or prevent ulcers, UlcerGard and GastroGard are the only ones that have been approved by the FDA.

While there are many other products on the market, horse owners should be wary when making decisions about purchasing them as they have not been proven to work, or approved by the FDA.

“We know that for horses to be competitive, they need the best care possible. We always recommend horse owners work with their veterinarians to develop comprehensive, individualized health care plans. We’re proud to offer safe and effective solutions that contribute to overall equine wellness,” said Beckie Peskin, senior equine product manager for Merial. “We’re also committed to providing educational tools that can help horse owners make informed decisions about the products that they use.”

Everyone’s recipe for success is a bit different, but at the end of the day we are all working hard towards the ultimate goal of winning — whether at home or at an event. Merial has made it their goal to be a part of that winning formula with leading products and a focus on the path to success.

Check out this great video filmed for UlcerGard, featuring three-star rider Julie Wolfert and many other equine professionals.

Welcome aboard, Merial!

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