Daily Dose of Adorable: The Mini 4-Abreast in the Snow

Watch these four miniatures pulling a snow roller through the woods like nobody’s business.

The only thing better than doing farm work with your draft horses is doing farm work with your miniatures. While fuzzy, tiny and adorable, this mini 4-abreast is nothing to mess around with–look at these little guys go! I wouldn’t want to get in their way. (Note: you must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

So what exactly is a snow roller? It’s actually the first-ever snow removal system: snow rollers were drawn behind a team to flatten down roads and paths to make a good smooth surface for sleighs. The point was not to remove the snow from the road (like a snowplow) but simply to create a passable surface specifically for┬árunner vehicles. Snow rollers were used all over the country; snow plows began to appear in the 1860s and eventually the snow roller became outdated. You’ll still find them in use on hobby farms like the one pictured above, for recreational areas, and sometimes in Amish communities.

So there you go, Horse Nation: your daily dose of adorable, AND a fun fact about antique winter snow equipment. The more you know.

Go driving!

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