What Does Horse Nation Pay for a Lesson?

Surprisingly, around the world, the price is pretty uniform.

All of you readers responded in droves for our highly unofficial survey of what everyone pays for a riding lesson. We got 113 responses total from all over the world, including places like Krakow, Poland and Cape Town, South Africa. Floridians sent in the most responses (9), and we even got one response from the middle of the ocean, which I rounded up to California for tallying purposes.


I guess it makes sense that it’s expensive. Imagine hauling out there.

For comparison’s sake, I’ve converted all prices into USD. Turns out the most expensive place to ride is Colts Neck, New Jersey, where you might pay “$80 to $150 at a good barn depending on length of lesson and # of riders.” Yikes!

On the other hand, the least expensive place to ride is Poland. Prices for lessons near Krakow range from 20 to 50 Polish zloty, which converts to $5.58-$13.94. Perhaps a riding vacation is in order…


Hucul pony (a.k.a. Carpathian pony)–a rare breed that can be found in Poland
Wikimedia Commons/ Karakal/ CC

But overall, the results were surprisingly uniform.

Average price: $50

Mode (most common price): $40

Median price: $49.82

Granted, we didn’t ask you to specify what type of lesson (group, private, well-known trainer, etc.) but it is nice to know that all across the Horse Nation, pretty much everyone’s wallets are empty.

Here is the full map. Thanks to all who participated, and Go Riding!


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