The Secret Talents of 4 Hunt-Seat Riders

Everyone was focused on Uncle George last week…but what about what  his victims the riders had to say?

The George Morris Horsemastership Clinic has come and gone…twelve riders shut their mouths, opened their ears, and went from good to great under George’s watchful eye. But with the nature of the event, we didn’t hear much from them while it was actually going on.

Which is a shame, because maybe 20-year-old Cody Wooten would have opened up and shown off his talent for jumping 1.30 meters…without a horse.



The USEF has a neat, well-laid-out PDF with all of the rider profiles, showcasing these young riders’ impressive resumes. Cody’s talent was probably the silliest of the bunch,  but some poking around the USEF site unearthed a few older profiles, which look like they were scanned from hard copy. In short, they are absolutely precious–the round bubble letters and the inability of some riders to come up with any interests outside of riding (I mean, what else is there, right?) just charmed the pants off me.


Uhh…yeah, drawing a blank on that last one.

Here are a few favorite secret talents from clinic riders of years past:

Victoria Colvin:

“I can read the words on the 3-D cards without the glasses.”

Liza Finsness:

“I’m a pretty good slalom water skiier.”

Lillie Keenan:


(Yeah, that’s it–just ‘science’ as a whole is her talent. Impressive.)

And don’t forget!

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That’s right, on January 5, at 7 p.m. EST, we’ll be hosting a George Morris roast roundtable discussion about the sessions. You can send in your questions/comments through the Google+ event page or Twitter @Horse_Nation. Keep it locked on Horse Nation for more details, and if you missed watching the sessions live, get yourself up to speed with Amanda Uechi Ronan’s coverage of the event and USEF videos.

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