The Automatic Cutting Horse

All of the fun of cutting cows with none of the upkeep. Win!

(Homepage image: Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain)

Lannie Ashley‘s mechanical cow and horse machine is bringing high-tech training equipment to the Western world…and it just plain looks fun.

Like Frankie Lovato’s famous Equicizer or Racewood Equestrian Simulators, Lannie Ashley’s cutting horse machine helps riders train in the great indoors when conditions aren’t good for riding. Ashley and many other vendors like RoboCow and CowTrac also offer mechanized cows for training cutting horses.

The machine made its grand debut at the Lexington World Equestrian Games in 2010. Who knows…the winter season brings all kinds of horse expos at agricultural fairgrounds around the country, so you just might get a chance to ride it!

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