Watch This Jockey Redefine the Meaning of “Scopey Jump”

Forget “sticky britches”–this steeplechase jock must have magnetized britches!

British TV station At the Races recently posted a video clip that seems to defy the laws of physics and common sense: steeplechase jockey Barry Keniry taking flight (quite literally) over a jump, and somehow managing to land on his horse to continue the race on the other side.

Wow. Jockeys are light but who knew they could levitate?

It’s uncertain which exact race that video is from, but 35-year-old Barry Keniry¬† has a long history of dramatic spills and thrills. He’s made racing news several times with headlines like “Barry Keniry expects to return before weekend” and “Jockey Barry Keniry rides out after double leg break” (granted, that time he actually did listen to medical advice). Sounds like the kind of guy who doesn’t let a silly thing like falling off get in the way of finishing a race!


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