George Morris Horsemastership Recap: Day 1

Today was all about the flatwork.

George was frisky as ever this morning for the start of the 2015 Training Sessions, being held December 30 – January 3 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida.

Transitions and lateral work dominated today, with both George and guest rider Beezie Madden emphasizing the need for proper dressage work in everyday training.

My favorite training exercise today: Beezie’s half-pass trot to half-pass walk back to half-pass trot method.

She continued the exercise by later going half-pass canter to half-pass trot back to half-pass canter.

Unexpected things I loved: George’s chocolate brown head to toe ensemble.


My new horse crush: This horse and its ridiculous tail.


New George-isms:

“Most people walk like constipated cats!” –– about needing impulsion at the walk.

“Good horsemen do it for the horse, great horsemen get the horse to do it for them.” — on self carriage.

“I’m old. I teach old riding.”

“If they can’t take discipline, they’ll never be any good.” — on horses… but also basically the whole world.

“Basic dressage, we can’t ever learn enough. It makes the horse ready to listen.” — on the need for consistent flatwork.

“Men or women, she is one of the best in the history of this sport.” — on Beezie Madden.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.28.42 PM

Beezie- isms:

“I hear more leg, more leg, more leg… I want more effective leg.”

“Supple horse, supple arm.”

“Not many horses are overqualified at 1.60m. Maybe Cortes, he might be the only one.” –– on the need to be able to make any given horse better through consistent training.

“Great riders, their horses know… They have a way of being able to communicate with a horse that it’s good.” — on the relationship needed between horse and rider.

The sessions continue through Saturday, January 3. You can watch the livestream via the USEF Network here. Join us next Monday night, January 5, at 7 p.m. EST for a George Morris roast roundtable discussion about the sessions featuring celebrity guests and reader participation  — you can send in your questions/comments through the Google+ event page or Twitter @Horse_Nation. Keep it locked on Horse Nation throughout the week for more details.

Go Riding!


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