Christmas Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

And the Fleeceworks prize winners are…

Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks.
Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks

Wow, it came down to the wire for our Fleeceworks Letter to Santa contest! We asked you to vote for your favorite letter, and we have three great prizes from Fleeceworks to give out, just in time for Christmas!

Here’s whose Christmas Day just got even better:

First Place: Kerry Rogers

Kerry Rogers HN

Kerry’s horse, Aly Cat, convinced us that he really needed the first place prize pack from Fleeceworks with his adorable letter that included a huge disdain for this thing we call “dressage.”

Kerry and Aly Cat will win their choice of a Fleeceworks Sheepskin Square Dressage, Cross Country or Jumping pad with Perfect Balance technology and one set of shims.

Second Place: Amanda Knutson

Amanda’s four-legged friends, Booger, Izzy and Penny, wrote a great letter that included a special request for Fleeceworks:

Third, I “Penny” would like a new Fleeceworks Therawool halfpad with the pretty rolled edges! I would also like a Fleeceworks Baby Pad to match! I want to look extra snazzy in my jumper debut. . .  Could you also get me a nifty bonnet to tie the look together? Oh yeah, I also need new jumping boots. . . The stupid goat tried to eat mine, and I can’t show in boots with frayed velcro! And, I also need halter fleeces, I can’t get rubs in the trailer! I need to look perfect! Booger says I need to stop being greedy, because we may not get treats if I keep acting like a “diva.”

Well, their wish has been granted, as Amanda and her pals will receive a Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad with their choice of two optional inserts.

Third Place: Sineid Burson

Sineid Burson

Sineid’s horse, Penny, made sure to include the things she wanted to abolish in honor of Christmas, and while we can’t guarantee these will go away for good we know she will enjoy her new choice of an English or Western Seatsaver as well as a six piece set of halter fleece.

Congratulations to all participants, and we hope you enjoy your brand new gear courtesy of Fleeceworks! Go Riding!



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