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We need your help picking the winners of our Fleeceworks contest!

Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks.

Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks

We asked you to write a letter to Santa from your horse for your chance to win some great prizes from Fleeceworks, and you did not disappoint! We’ve got four finalists for you to choose from today, and don’t forget that we’ll be selecting three winners for the following prizes:

Perfect Balance FW pad

First place will win their choice of a Fleeceworks Sheepskin Square Dressage, Cross Country or Jumping pad with Perfect Balance technology and one set of shims.

FW Second Place

Second place will receive a Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad with their choice of two optional inserts.

English Seatsaver

English Seatsaver

And finally, third place will receive their choice of an English or Western Seatsaver as well as a six piece set of halter fleece.

Without further ado, here are your finalists! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite, and the poll will remain open until Wednesday December 24 at 5 p.m. EST. We’ll announce the winners on Christmas day!

Read through our finalists and vote for your favorite here! Good luck to all contestants!

Kerry Rogers:

Kerry Rogers HNDear Santa,

Rather than selfishly ask for a gift just for me, I am asking on behalf of 3-day event horses everywhere. Please help me abolish dressage in eventing. I mean, what’s the point? We horses already know how to walk, trot and canter so dressage is truly an inefficient use of our time and talents. Just imagine how many more bags of carrots our humans could buy if they weren’t wasting money on dressage lessons. Do you make Rudolph do dressage? I think not.

Personally, my human should redirect that money into perfecting the training level coffin line on the cross country course at my barn. It’s obviously a five stride to a three stride combination but she keeps making me add strides which seriously limits my ability to not incur time faults.

Santa, I am a GORGEOUS 16.3 chestnut Thoroughbred with Alydar and Forty Niner bloodlines, I didn’t even know that time faults were a thing until she bought me. At our last horse trials she lost her balance over the ditch so I had to run out of the “c” element to keep her from falling off which not only gave me an embarrassing 20 penalty points on my USEA record but we ended up with 45 time faults. Seriously???? I can trot the course faster than that. *Sigh* Well, It was her first training level event so I decided to forgive her, this time…..

But I digress, my barn mates and I don’t understand why our dressage trainer keeps telling our humans that we need to be “rounder”, whatever that means. Whenever I hear that I immediately stick my nose up in the air in indignation. How am I supposed to watch the tree line for lions and bears with my head tucked down towards my chest? My sleek hindquarters are round, my perfectly toned belly is round, humans are so odd sometimes. If she wants me to be rounder, how about giving me some more food?  Even worse is the scary person hiding in the tent at the end of the dressage arena at events that I just know is going to jump out and attack me one day. I’ve heard such stories about this happening from my friends. If I didn’t pride myself in being such a perfect gentleman I would have bucked my human off a long time ago.

Since my human is determined to continue to “compete” *eye roll*, I could really use a set of Fleeceworks Halter Fleece. I’ve mostly been a very good boy this year and I realize this contradicts my initial request but they will truly aid in my comfort on the loooooong trailer rides I have to endure to get to horse trials in Area VI in order to show off my considerable jumping skills. My face is surprisingly delicate and the leather halter that my human uses for trailering scratches my nose and leaves embarrassing sweat marks on my poll. It’s so unseemly!

I thought seriously about pulling back and breaking it recently but that always causes a ghastly scene and she would just go buy another one. Anyway Santa, please give this matter some serious consideration, event horses around the world are depending on you.


Aly Cat – 3-Day Event Horse Extraordinaire and “Reining” President of the International Coalition for Event Horses Against “Drool-ssage”

Jessie Denney:

Jessie Denney

Dear Santa,

I promise this year I’ve been on my best behavior! I mean it! My mom likes that I keep her on her toes – she did after all buy a pony!! I probably shouldn’t have left her in the back 50 that one time when we went for a trail ride with Tigger but it was only the one time and Tigger and Joyce walked back with her (Joyce is the BEST she always has food for me). I even kept my saddle and bridle in one piece so that’s a lot better than that year with the bees right?!?

I’ve gotten to do a lot of trail riding this year and none of that nasty dressage stuff, boy I hate dressage – for Christmas can I ask to never do dressage ever ever ever again?  Or if I HAVE to do dressage can I get a bag full of apples after? Apples would make dressage soooo much better or maybe a Fleeceworks Sheepskin Dressage pad would help.

For Christmas this year I think I’d like to get dinner every night again, my mom says getting dinner makes me fat (personally I don’t have a problem with whatever fat means if I get more of the yummy food the rest of the horses get). I think it’s really unfair that everyone but me gets dinner, I use to get dinner with everyone else but I haven’t since they stopped dragging me around places in the warm times. I wouldn’t mind having to go places again if it means I get dinner again. I’ll even promise to be better next year and eat all the yucky stuff they give me AND not to bite the farriers bum EVER again (it’s funny when he jumps!)

So can I have dinner back for Christmas? I promise to be the best behaved pony ever next year if I get dinner (and lots of apples!)

Love from

Pony (AKA Angel)

P.S. I’ve included a picture of me and my sister Soli to prove how good of a pony I’ve been – my mom says I’m the best at leading the green horses around AND I don’t EVER kick them!

Amanda Knutson:

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, our list is pretty big, but we will share! (But not our treats, those are ours!)

First, Booger would like Mom to stop talking about bringing him out of retirement! Just because he likes to run around the pasture bucking and playing, does not mean he wants to be ridden! He’s also requesting a new halter, I may have taken it off the hook outside the stall, played with it and then left it in the mud. . . I think he’s just being dramatic, it is not “ruined,” just a little dirty.

Second, Izzy would like to be allowed to eat whatever she wants, or whatever everyone else gets. She says she has been on a no grain diet since August and she thinks she has lost enough weight to be allowed to have grain again. . . She promises she will continue her exercise routine with no complaints! (I don’t see that happening!)

Third, I “Penny” would like a new Fleeceworks Therawool halfpad with the pretty rolled edges! I would also like a Fleeceworks Baby Pad to match! I want to look extra snazzy in my jumper debut. . .  Could you also get me a nifty bonnet to tie the look together? Oh yeah, I also need new jumping boots. . . The stupid goat tried to eat mine, and I can’t show in boots with frayed velcro! And, I also need halter fleeces, I can’t get rubs in the trailer! I need to look perfect! Booger says I need to stop being greedy, because we may not get treats if I keep acting like a “diva.”

Lastly, we would all like TREATS! Booger wants peppermints, the green ones, and also Paddock Cakes. Izzy wants Ms. Pastures, but let’s be honest she’ll eat anything! I don’t think she should be allowed off her diet just yet. . . I would like Stud Muffins and Charleigh’s Cookies, they are both delicious!

Thanks Santa, we know we can count on you!


Booger, Izzy & Penny

P.S. Will you please bring the goats some treats too! Maybe something velcro flavored? They seem to like that!

Sineid Burson:

Sineid Burson

Dear Santa,

I have been the worlds BEST pony this year and think I deserve ALL the presents I want!

I went to my very FIRST show this year and was SO well behaved! We even placed in a couple classes!!! Mom then shipped me halfway across the world! (actually an hour trip) and threw me into a new barn with lots of horses I didn’t know! All my friends were left at home.

She tried to make up for it by bringing me lots of treats and not making me work very hard, but now she’s started the “I’m trying to kill Penny” workout routine. (aka riding more than once a week). It’s been a VERY tough adjustment for me, so that’s why I deserve ALL the presents this year! (Mom doesn’t need any, she has lots!)

For Christmas this year I think I DESERVE:

­LOTS of treats! (lots more than last year! 5 treats a day?? Slave labour!)

­A mud bath, without getting instantly hosed off (I LIKE to be dirty!)

­All my “training” sessions to be a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes (after that I’m tired!)

­A new round bale ALL to myself, EVERY day in the winter

­An endless, lush pasture ALL summer long

NEW TACK (if she’s gonna ride me, might as well make ME look good!)

­ Sheepskin Western Pad from Fleeceworks (they’re so FANCY!)

­ New Hoof Boots (my feet get ouch­y on the stones)

­ Anything PINK! (It’s the one thing me & Mom both agree on!)

Also Santa, when you deliver all my presents, there are some things I would like you to take BACK to the north pole with you….

#1 – ALL the whips (dressage whips, small crops, lunge whips, ALL OF THEM)

#2 – Spurs – my mom doesn’t use any, but I don’t want her getting any ideas!

#3 – The indoor arena – I hope you can fit it in your sleigh, Mom hates the cold, if we didn’t have it, she’d NEVER ride in the winter (Catch my drift?)

I know I’m asking for a lot Santa, but I really DESERVE it all! I’ve been so good this past year!

Also, I’ve made Mom SUCH a better rider! She can officially sit buck, rears, spooks, and me taking off into the abyss! I’ve taught her SO much!

Thanks so much Santa!

Love Penny xox

Go Riding and Go Fleeceworks!


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