World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Ledbury Hunt Thrills & Spills

There is a good case to be made here that these British foxhunters are completely insane.

HN reader and sometime contributor Jennifer Wollenberg forwarded us this new video from the Ledbury Hunt, whose territory is known for its legendary hedges. Jennifer guides us through the key plot points:

First, they start the morning with a good stiff drink (while mounted, using glass stemware — no potential for disaster there).


Then they gallop through the fields over fences/hedges. The 4′ hedge at about 6 minutes, with a takeoff point in the muck and mire, is exhibit #1 for why the stiff drink was required. Watch out for the guy in front of you who didn’t stick the landing! Admittedly that would be tough to do when your saddle falls off your horse. 


After a quick check to make sure there was no permanent damage, the unlucky soul appeared to be left behind with his saddle in the middle of the English countryside while the rest galloped on.


Maybe there is some assurance that the fellow will be picked up in the voiceover for the video, but I watched the video at work with the sound turned off (because, you know, I was at work but not working…).

Thank you for the summary, Jennifer. Watch the full video here:

Wow. Another fun fact about the Ledbury Hunt that makes total sense after watching this video: They have an official “Tumble Club.” Says the website, “Tumblers come in a variety of forms, and at the end of the season everyone joins together at the Tumble Club party to reminiscence and commiserate on the season and falls past. All are welcome at this event, tumblers and non-tumblers.”

Can we join?

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding.



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