Claude Prefers Liberty Jumping, Thankyouverymuch

That awkward moment when your horse gets his distance better without you…. Check out this viral video of a horse that, rider or no rider, #cantstopwontstop jumping.


This spectacular video comes to us all the way from our friends in the frigid east of Russia.  Алина Алексеева was jumping her lovely gelding Claude and struggling a bit with the distances, when they finally parted ways. But…that’s only about a minute into this three minute spectacle. The rest is what I like to call, the Claude show.

(Please note: You will have to be logged into Facebook to see the video, but it’s oh so worth it. If you’re on a time budget, the real party starts about one minute in.)



Also, serious props to the rider, who somehow managed to stay with him over that last fence while hanging from his neck. That was actually spectacularly impressive.

You may have a falling currency and a peculiar and often shirtless president, Russia, but thanks to Claude, I’m still going to say you’re having the best week ever. Don’t trade away that studmuffin away for anything (the horse, I mean).

Go Riding.


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