Horse Haiku of the Day, by Jane Polk

Horse life in 17 syllables.

Each morning we release a fresh new horsey haiku into the Internet ether. Today’s haiku comes from Jane Polk, who shared this about her equine muse: “I bought my OTTB affectionately dubbed ‘Goose’ for a grand $400 as a 4 year old. We’ve come a long way in one year, from refusing to get in the horse trailer and running away with me (both in the saddle and at the end of the lunge line) to ribboning in our first beginner novice event. Go OTTBs!”


Jane & Goose

Take it away, Jane!

Count your strides, one two

Eyes up, heels down, breathe in:

Exhale. Rails in place.

Love it! Thanks for sharing, Jane, and good luck eventing your flying Goose! Before we head out, here’s one more for the road:

Send us your haikus

5-7-5, it’s easy

Horse Nation needs you

Email your own horse haiku (a three-line poem with 5-7-5 syllables per line) to [email protected]. Include a photo of your haiku’s equine inspiration if you like!

Go Riding.


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