Send Us Your Pony Shaming to WIN a Girth from Total Saddle Fit!

Because whose pony doesn’t need a little shaming?


“I pooped in the water bucket. Again.”

“I went for a rampage through the woods and ripped my blankets to shreds. Today was the first day I wore it.”

“I bucked my mom off this morning because I thought the orange cones had turned into horse eating monsters.”

Seriously, the things our horses put us through. I’m sure that we can think of no less than 10 times we wanted to hang a sign around our horse and shame them for all the world to see. But we still love them, right?


That’s where Total Saddle Fit’s Shoulder Relief Girth comes in. Intelligently designed by the Total Saddle Fit team, who has extensive experience in saddle fit, the Shoulder Relief Girth is intended to offer your horse the best possible support and fit by working with the body structure. The intent is for the horse to have full range of motion through the shoulder, unrestricted by a poorly fitted girth.

The Shoulder Relief Girth is made from top-grain English saddle leather and is padded with soft calf skin for maximized comfort. It’s quite interesting to read about Total Saddle Fit’s saddle fitting philosophies.

Check out some of the benefits of this great girth option by reading a review over on Eventing Nation:

Screenshot (8)

So you want to check out one of these girths to see what they’re all about? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s what you need to know:

Creatively show us your “pony shaming” by sending a photo to [email protected]. Just one entry per person, please! The deadline for entries will be Sunday, December 21 at 5 p.m. EST.

We’ll pick the finalists and put them to a reader vote to determine the winner. Get ready to share, share, share on social media to increase your chances of winning!

The voted winner will receive a brand new Shoulder Relief Girth, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful sponsor, Total Saddle Fit.

Easy enough, right? We thought so, too! So get to shaming, and good luck!

Go Pony Shaming, and Go Riding!



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