Mississippi Pastor Protests Gay Marriage With Horse in Wedding Dress

I’ll leave the politics and take the bombproof horse, please!

Pastor Edward James of Bertha Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi staged a protest of Mississippi’s move to allow same-sex marriage in the state by bringing Charlotte, a chestnut mare,  to the city’s federal courthouse in a wedding gown.

And by wedding gown, we mean a lacy tablecloth strapped around the middle, half-hanging off, with white flowers discarded on the ground while Charlotte enjoyed grazing basically unsupervised.

Politics aside, I think that for equestrians, this demonstration highlighted Charlotte’s saintliness more than anything. One of James’ signs said “Do you take this horse to be your unnatural wedded spouse to have and to hold?” I think many equestrians would answer with a resounding “Yes!” I know I would love a bombproof horse that ground-ties and doesn’t mind crazy costumes.

See the full report from The Clarion-Ledger here:

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