Horse Haiku of the Day, by Jane Polk

Horse life in 17 syllables.

Each morning we release a fresh new horsey haiku (or batch of haikus!) into the Internet ether. Today’s haikus come from reader Jane Polk and her equine muse, Molly.

“Molly, a 13 year old Belgian mare, was a classic Craigslist find,” Jane explains. “Purchased/rescued from a petting zoo as a mount for my husband, she has exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. Here are some Haikus about our favorite Belgian.”

My draft horse loves mash

She slurps it up sloppily

And licks her dish clean


My Belgian Molly

Nickers and stomps for beet pulp

Muzzle slobbery


I now know better

Then to stand between my draft

And her mash. Good lord!


My draft horse makes sport

Of colliding with jumps.

She laughs. I repair.


Love it, Jane! Thanks for sharing — Molly sounds like quite the character, and mash-aholic! Before we head out, one more for haiku from all of us here at Horse Nation:

Send us your haikus

5-7-5, it’s easy

Horse Nation needs you

Email your own horse haiku (a three-line poem with 5-7-5 syllables per line) to [email protected]. Include a photo of your haiku’s equine inspiration if you like!

Go Riding.


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