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Pen your horse’s letter to Santa for a chance to win great prizes from Fleeceworks!

Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks.

Photo courtesy of Fleeceworks.

If Santa’s already dropped a pony under your tree, then surely it’s time for your horse to get a turn writing a letter full of wishes to the jolly man himself. What is on your horse’s wishlist this year?

Endless Mrs. Pastures? Coupons for six out of seven days of the week off from work? A brand new Fleeceworks pad to decorate themselves with when they actually do have to work?

If you know what your horse would say if he were to write a letter to the North Pole, we want to see it! We’re teaming up with Fleeceworks this holiday season to find the most creative (and funny!) letters to Santa from our equine friends. Here’s the scoop:

How do I enter?

Write a letter to Santa from your horse. Keep it creative and funny! Be sure to mention at least one Fleeceworks item that your horse would just love to have under his tree this year.

You must also hit the like button on Fleeceworks’ Facebook page to be eligible to enter.

Send your letter to [email protected] by Wednesday, December 17 at 5 p.m. EST.

How will you pick the winners?

We’ll nominate six finalists from the letters we receive and create a reader poll to determine the top three finishers. We’ll also be sharing the entries on our social media, so prepare for lots of internet fame!

What’s on the line to win?

Perfect Balance FW pad

First place will win their choice of a Fleeceworks Sheepskin Square Dressage, Cross Country, or Jumping pad with Perfect Balance technology and one set of shims.

FW Second Place

Second place will receive a Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad with their choice of two optional inserts.

English Seatsaver

English Seatsaver

And finally, third place will receive their choice of an English or Western Seatsaver as well as a six piece set of halter fleece.

What a prize list! Please join us in extending our thanks to Fleeceworks for putting on such a great contest!

So what are you waiting for, HN? Get to writing and send us your letters! We can’t wait to see what’s on your horses’ lists this year — provided they’re on the nice list, that is! (Naughty horses also welcome to apply)

Go Riding, and Go Fleeceworks!



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