Horsenista Christmas: 10 Amazing Gifts for Horse Crazy Kids

We are rushing headlong towards Christmas, folks. Here are my top buys for the young and young at heart.

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Pony Beds

These beds are in a word… adorable. They come in all sizes, Twin to King, and a variety of “standard” styles. See what I did there?

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Hobby Horse by Utala

These colorful toys will be loved by children and hipsters alike. They could be used for decoration or, you know, actual play.

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Hold Your Horses Tent by FieldCandy

Every little kid loves tents and forts. Sleep inside a carousel? Yes, please.

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Glitter Unicorn Scooter & Bike Accessory by Handlebar Heroes

I don’t know if this is weird or awesome, but I want one.

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Horse Wall Decals

Super easy to apply, super easy to remove.

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Wildkin Horse Backpack

This brand has a variety of prints, all easy on the eyes, from horses running wild to show prints.  The straps are wide and fairly comfortable according to my kid.

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Horse-opoly and Herd Your Horses

Two board games guaranteed to entertain equestrians aged 8 to 80.

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Lego Heartlake Horse Show Set

Legos are a classic Christmas gift and this set does not disappoint. It comes with 2 characters, 2 horses, 2 stalls, grooming station, 2  jumps, a winner’s podium, judging station, a score board, and trophies. Be sure and check out the “Belville” sets for more Lego equine action.

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Schleich Horses

My daughter isn’t quite responsible enough to handle a $50 Breyer investment, which is why I go straight to Schleich for her toy horse needs. They are made of super durable plastic, so they can take a beating… hers go through the dryer on a weekly basis.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.27.20 PMBreyer

This is the pinnacle of Christmas for a horse-crazy kid. We all have them, we all love them, we all want more of them.

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