The Most Charming Horse/Christmas/Light Parade Ever

Harding, MN, really knows how to do Christmas right!


This past Saturday, the 126-population town held their annual “Horse’N Around Christmas Parade” that includes festive horses and riders, twinkling and jingling carriages, and a team of grey percherons pulling a glowing nativity on the back of a flat-bed wagon. The parade starts just after dusk so the Christmas lights that adorn carriages, breast collars, costumes, and figurines can give their full effect. And seeing as it was a balmy 15 degrees at dusk in Harding that night, this parade is only for the coldest blood horses and the warmest blood people!

If the sound of these cheery bells and heavy clopping feet doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit, I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do for you, Mr. Scrooge. Go on your unmerry way, and a bah humbug to you.

Many thanks to Brainerd Dispatch for sharing their video!

Go Holiday Riding.





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