A Peek Into the World of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin

Via Youtube, the ultimate stalking machine.

Confession: I would die happy if Charlotte Dujardin and I could switch lives for a day (she would probably be less excited). The great thing is that with Youtube, we can get a little snapshot of what it’s like to live and work in Carl Hester’s yard.

Here’s a clip from Horse & Country TV’s  really cool series about the Hester yard with snapshots of Carl and Charlotte’s lives as athletes, including Carl Hester sadistically laughing while Charlotte undergoes a physical therapy session, saying it was “the best entertainment I have had in days.”

Love Carl’s courtyard-style barn and the SERIOUS mirrors in the outdoor arena! Also, the fact that apparently you can subsist on chocolate, fruits and veggies as an international dressage star.

But two superstars training in such proximity is sure to have its ups and downs, and one gets the sense that Carl and Charlotte bicker like an old married couple. This interview from Olympia Horse Show confirms the theory.

“He’s always got an excuse as to why he can or can’t do something,” giggles Charlotte,  “So yeah, we argue a lot.”

“As you see, I am making no comment to prove a point here.”

“Yeah, because I’m so right! I’m so right.”

Sigh…we can’t all live the dream, but we can live vicariously through Youtube! Here’s a before-and-after clip of Valegro to leave you with. Drool away.

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