10 Unique Equine-Themed Ornaments

Ready to trim your tree with some horsey ornaments? We’ve got you covered, from the adorable to the just plain weird.

For equestrians, the holidays are just one more excuse to buy weird horse stuff and scatter it all over the house. Here are a few of our best ideas for unique, strange, or just plain cool ways to decorate your Christmas tree.

This Santa pony is all decked out for a night of delivering toys, complete with galloping boots. Safety first!

I think these festive equines need a farrier, STAT.

Disembodied jockey, or silks hanging up in the closet? You decide!

Are felted figurines creepy or cute? I can’t tell, but I think it’s staring at me.

If you REALLY want to freak out your holiday houseguests, “This painted glass ornament can either be set out on a table or hung (depending on where it can do the most conspicuous creeping).”

You don’t really need those spurs after No-Stirrup November, right? Throw ’em on the tree!

BitsĀ  work just as well for a rustic Christmas decoration.

Or if you don’t feel like being overly crafty and you have a bendable artificial tree, bits and horseshoes make instant ornaments!


Carla Lake


Carla Lake


Do you have a favorite horse ornament? Share it in the comments below!

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