Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

This adorable mini loves his belly rubs even more than his canine counterparts.


Sometimes it may seem that our horses resemble our dogs more than anything else. They follow us around, hoping for treats, they (sometimes) perform tricks or carrot stretches all in the name of a cookie, and they at least try to look pleased to see us when we come up to their stall, halter in hand.

This mini stallion, Einstein, takes his dog-like behavior to a whole new level. Seriously, we’ve never seen a horse enjoy a belly rub so much! We had to do a double take for a moment to make sure it was in fact a horse we were watching and not a dog. Check it out:

Now, it doesn’t hurt than Einstein is a mini. Can you imagine your 16.3-hand thoroughbred rolling over for a belly rub this way? If there’s one out there who does, we’d love to see it!

We know you’re dying to see more of Einstein, who is famous in his own right, so we collected a few more videos of this tiny superstar for your morning viewing pleasure. No better way to start off the morning, right?

We know, we know. You can’t get enough of this adorable. Fortunately, you can learn much more about Einstein and see more of his antics by visiting his website and YouTube channel. You will spend more time than you probably should watching this little guy live it up. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Go Einstein, and Go Fleeceworks!


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