Horse Haiku of the Day, by Margaux Lavenue

Horse life in 17 syllables.


Each morning we release a fresh new horsey haiku (or set of haikus!) into the Internet ether. Today’s haikus come from reader Margaux Lavenue.

Sometimes I feel like
My horse only likes me when
I have  food for him

My nighttime prayer
Before all of the horse shows:

It’s show day, all dressed
My horses mouth is covered with
Slime he’ll wipe on me

I wish that I could
Train boys like I train my horse
And just give them food

My horse got a new
Blanket for $300
The next day, it’s ripped

When I have food, I
Am god to my horse and when
I don’t, I’m nothing

Thanks for sharing, Margaux! Before we head one, one more for haiku from all of us here at Horse Nation:

Send us your haikus

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Email your own horse haiku (a three-line poem with 5-7-5 syllables per line) to [email protected]. Include a photo of your haiku’s equine inspiration if you like!

Go Riding.


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