Best of Craigslist: The Christmas Pony Ads Begin

Lord help us all.


Let’s kick off the show with couple ads sent in by Susan, one wanting a horse and one selling a pony. Maybe they can work out a deal?



I hope not. Here’s some more classic Facebook horse trading for ya, sent in by reader Danielle:



No saddle? We can fix that! Here’s one from Jenni — it even comes with “brakes”:



I can’t even. Here is what appears to be a two-legged Percheron, sent in by Ruth:



And this one from Donna: “Notice the disclaimer at the bottom.”


Magic is a cute little mare- about 18 years old, but still full of energy. She’s a little offer 14 hands high. She has no bad habits, good in a herd, barefoot and sound w/t/c. Not mare-ish. She neck reins wonderfully and safe for an advanced beginner. Feel free to call, text or email with any questions! Price Neg.

*There’s a small chance she’s bred


And from Heather: “It must be a pegasus… wingly?”

baby wingly female horse nice looking to find a great home – $250 (white city)

IHave a female baby horse that was born last year we need to find a home for her she needs to be trained she’s ready to be trained it could be a companion horse please serious inquiries willing to trade for good grass hay or alfalfa Or send me an offer


Last but not least, from Sherrie: “A 17 year old arthritic herdbound gelding that you MUST NEVER EVER REHOME (even though this owner is rehoming…). Also has excellent bloodlines and will live a long time. What a deal!”


17 year old, register quarter/ thoroughbred. Majestic Mystique aka Moses. He is a great grandson of legendary Kentucky derby winner Swaps 1955.

Moses is kind and sweet. I can no longer ride and he is just going to waist. He has not been ridden in 3 years due to my multiple neck and back surgeries.
He used to be a dressage horse but for 9 years that I’ve owned him, he was a great trail horse. Bless his heart for all the Halloween costumes this horse has been in!
He is excellent at most everything!! However since he hasn’t been rode in 3 years, I think he is herd sour and may have arthritis. I would have classified him as a kid horse a few
years ago but now NO. He is still sweet and kind but needs a refresher course . I’m rehoming ($400) to an approved home only and he is not to be resold! If you cannot
keep him for the remainder of his life then don’t bother to call or email me. Yes you will have to sign a horse sale agreement! He is very special and deserves only the best. He has excellent bloodlines
and will live for a long time. He is great to trailer load, great for the farrier, great with a water hose etc… Call me only if you can love this great horse for the rest of his life.

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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