Man Gets Drunk, Sets Police Horses ‘Free’

Police horses sustained some injuries when a drunk man let them loose on the streets of Portland.


Source: Portland Police Mounted Unit, Wikimedia Commons

This week, 24-year-old Bradly Miller in Portland got drunk and somehow found  himself setting free five horses of the Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol Unit.

At first reports speculated that the stunt may have been an act of protest, since a demonstration against the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri was happening simultaneously…but nope. Miller was just black-out drunk, on his way to catch a bus, when he broke into the stable through a window and let the horses loose. He has little recollection of the night.

“I remember seeing horses and petting the horses,” he said.

Police reached the scene quickly since burglary alarms were activated, but unfortunately some horses received injuries to the leg from rubbing on debris outside.  Miller was charged with second-degree burglary, two counts of second-degree animal abuse, three counts of second-degree criminal mischief and five counts of third-degree criminal mischief.

Who knows what happened in his drunken blackout. I prefer to imagine that it went down something like this Portlandia sketch:

Whatever happened, Portland police are taking security steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and Miller has pledged to seek help to get his life back on track.

Go Riding.



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