I’m on a Horse: Adventures of a Guy and His Rocking Horse Chantal

As always, we bring you the most fabulously weird horse stuff on the internet we can find.

Have you ever wanted to just fast forward through all the nonsense of chitchatting about whatever boring movie your coworkers saw over the weekend and just shout out to the world, “MY HORSE IS AWESOME”?

Well, that’s what this guy did, basically. And also harassed a bunch of innocent passers-by along the way.

Yeah, it’s kind of long, but to me, it just gets funnier as it goes on.

Some highlights:

When he gives a riding lesson to some total strangers: “Get on. Now rock back and forth. Have fun. Scream ‘I’M ON A HORSE!'”


When he says what I secretly think during lessons: “I’m on a horse. Be impressed.”


When he finds some total strangers to rap with Chantal the horse.


When he makes person after person feel really uncomfortable. “Do you want to ride her? Are you sure? You can take a few minutes to decide.”


When he and Chantal get lost.


When he gloriously lifts Chantal over his head for no real reason.


But possibly even better than all that is the backstory on Chantal. You can check out the music video about her/him (the horse’s gender seems to change from video to video) because I really don’t think I can do the story justice by summarizing:

Wow. Youtube, stay weird.

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