Gift Guide: Thelwell Things That Will Make You Aww

Over the years, Thelwell ponies have leapt onto  all kinds of cool products.

Got an instructor, a pony mom, or a pony kid m you want to treat this holiday season? Thelwell-themed gifts have just the right amount of cuteness and humor to match the craziness that is teaching kids to ride.

And hands-down, Image2Art has the widest variety of Thelwell paraphernelia available for sale online.

Pewter Statue: The face really says it all, doesn’t it?

Thelwell cooler: Only comes in white, so save it for show days–but like Image2Art’s other products, they can be customized with any one of a gallery of Thelwell images!


Blankets and pillows: For a good night’s rest before waking up to get your pony ready for a day of adventure!

Thelwell Mug: Functional, adorable, and funny–what more could you want as you sip your beverage of choice?

Apron: For baking pony treats, or keeping dry in water obstacles.

Pony Party Invites!!! Complete with old-school “check yes or no” RSVP and a picture of a screaming child by the “no” box.

And last but not least…a Thelwell piggy bank. No, I don’t understand why it’s not a pony bank either.

Go Riding.

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