5 Tips for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping

With all the deals coming out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online shopping for horsey stuff is about to get downright dangerous. Here’s how to navigate the chaos.

Photo: Leslie Wylie/HN

Whether or not you decide to partake in the madness that is Black Friday (though really, wouldn’t the day off be better spent at the barn?) most of us have some shopping to do — whether it’s gifts for trainers, barn owners, or our own horses. So why not pick up a good deal?

1. Make a list and check it twice.

No, not of which tack shops/websites you’ll be visiting… of what you need versus what you want. Check this list of need-to-have versus nice-to-have at least twice to talk yourself out of impulse buys and you’ll be a happy camper going into the holidays.

2. Compare prices.

A little research goes a long way when it comes to bargain hunting, and with tools like PriceGrabber and the Google Shopping search bar it’s easier than ever to compare the deals at different sites.

3. Don’t pay for shipping.

When shopping for heavy items like saddles or farm supplies, shipping can be a killer — and even for lighter packages like breeches or winter gloves, shipping costs might make you consider (gasp) stepping into the light of day to buy something at a store.

Don’t do it. That’s why free shipping on Cyber Monday was invented.

4. Subscribe to e-letters and social media.

Not all of the best deals are broadcast publicly. If you know where you want to buy something, subscribe to the store or site’s email newsletters so you get any coupons or codes they distribute.

Another way to find off-the-radar deals is to follow your favorite brands on social media. Some companies do special contests and giveaways for the holidays, so keep an eye on your newsfeed!

5. Make sure there’s a return policy and get a gift receipt!

For sized items, make sure there’s an easy way for you to make an exchange before the date you need it. Nothing worse than things that don’t fit and you can’t return hanging around the house for months while you try to re-sell them…ask me how I know.

Got any other tips? Share them in the comments below!

Go Riding. (Then go shopping.)