Vote for the Winner of World Equestrian Brands’ No Stirrup November Contest!

We asked you to submit photos of your creatively hidden stirrups (out of sight, out of mind… right?) Now we need your votes to determine the winner!


We asked, and we received! We know No Stirrup November is a completely terrible month of torture for all involved, so we thought we’d make it a bit more fun. We can all use a bit of motivation, right?

Just think — those legs are made of steel now, and your trainer will be gushing about how brilliant your riding is that it makes all of the pain and suffering worth it. We thought you could use a reward, so one lucky winner is going to receive a brand new pair of Amerigo stirrups, thanks to our awesome sponsor World Equestrian Brands.

Without further ado, here are your finalists. Be sure to vote and share this post! The poll will close on Thursday, November 27 at 5 p.m. EST, with the winner announced on Friday. Good luck to all of our contestants!

Here are the finalists:

Maggie Kazan

Maggie Kazan: “Might as well let Gummi bear the pony use my stirrups as fabulous earrings!”


Jamie Steal

Jamie Steal: “Ahh, the benefits of living in Phoenix! Having an 8 foot tall cactus next to your arena to hang stirrups on! The top of the fence is 6 ft!”


Meghan Rhoades

Megan Rhoades: “This November I decided to completely eliminate the the temptation of giving in and putting my stirrup backs on. Who else, other than George Morris (a.k.a. God) himself, would not give into my pleading, begging, or crying for my stirrups back? In my attempt to better my leg I wanted to take advantage of No Stirrup November so I creatively shipped them away. When December rolls around I need my new A+ leg to look fabulous in Amerigo’s new aluminum stirrups in silver.”


Gemma Koontz

Gemma Koontz: “This is Sparkle a.k.a. Evil. Once something goes into her corner of darkness it takes a brave soul to retrieve it for risk of limb or life. To get those back I am going to need a Holy Hand Grenade like the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”


Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan: “My (now very clean) irons hiding in my closet, holding scarves. Disappointed that I will have to find a new scarf holder at the end of this glorious month!”


Karen Caffrey

Karen Caffrey: “OK folks, I’ve done it. I waterproofed my boots, and I slogged to the middle of our cross country water feature and put those suckers where I’m sure temps in the way-too-cold-for-schooling-water will keep me from sneaking up there and snatching them. At the very least, I’d have to 1) get wet and cold again or 2) get ON the pony, and ride to get them.

As I type, I can feel my inner thighs from yesterday’s dressage schooling, compounded on top of last week’s schooling that little brush jump you can see in the photo up and down hill, in and out of the water. Pain. (gain???)”


Terri Robertson

Terri Robertson: “I have a OTTB that is young so completely hiding mine are NOT happening. Besides, she is 17.3-hands and needed to get on her. However, I have (without my coach) crossed them over while riding… Love my one eyed beauty!”

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding Without Stirrups!


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