We’re Equestrians. We’re Youtubers: Q&A With My Equine Addiction

Just think of them as the sweet, Canadian incarnation of Ainsley Carter.

Best friends Maya and Lauren are the kind of girls you wish you knew when you were a horse-crazy teenager yourself…and a day in their life is just a click away on Youtube. They’re riding the wave of a genre that’s growing in popularity on Youtube–a mashup that borrows the format of beauty guru videos, but infuses it with plenty of horse-crazy goodness.

That means episodes with tack hauls, DIY demos and the kind of silly riding dares that would have gotten me a month of no stirrups if my trainer ever found out. They also share their thoughts on how to “convince” your parents to buy you a horse, how to juggle school, work and riding, as well as tackling the issues of things they just don’t understand about the equestrian world (mixing brown and black tack–a fashion no!).

We  got the chance to chat with them about what it’s like to blaze the trail in this niche video genre.

How did you get started with your Youtube channel?

M: We got the idea from beauty gurus and we liked the idea of how the whole thing was on Youtube. I remember Lauren found some channels where they would do videos about horses, but also equestrian style–so we got the idea to combine beauty and horses.

Who would you say your main influences are?

Hannah Lucy—She’s Australian, and she has a younger horse that she’s training up, so we like seeing their progress.

Evention TV—They have really high quality videos all around. We’d definitely like to have the kind of equipment they use one day!

Beyond Beauty Star—Her channel is all about beauty, but we really like her format of videos and editing.

What’s your experience been like connecting with other equestrians around the world?

One of the girls who won our summer giveaway was in England, so we got to ask about what horse she’s riding and all that. We also get a lot of questions on Twitter and Instagram. The most common type of questions we get are: “This is my problem, what should I do?” For the most part they should be asking a professional or a trainer for that stuff though.

Where do you see it going from here?

We like right now where our videos are informative, but they also show what we’re doing with our horses.

So right now our goal is to invest in some microphones and lights for talking videos to up the quality. It’d also be cool with the microphones to do stuff around our horses while talking and show things you can do with your horse in the winter.

What are some equestrian Youtube channels you think everyone should follow?

Eddie’s Gun61

Giana Teranova

Evention TV

Hannah Lucy

And my #1 question: do you actually wear makeup to the barn?

L: Haha! I never ever wear makeup to the barn unless I’m coming from school or already have makeup on.

Thanks for chatting with us, ladies! Go Riding.



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