Horse Haikus of the Day, by Victoria Lachelle Henderson

Horse life in 17 syllables.


Today’s haikus are brought to you by reader Victoria Lachelle Henderson, who explains, “OK, I had entirely too much fun with these while I was bored at work… some are bad. Some are REALLY bad.”


Trainer says: no bling.
But I like tack that sparkles.
Glitter all the things!


The first jump on course:
Long approach, single oxer.
Jesus, take the wheel.


Trainer says: heels down.
Shoulders back. Thumbs up. Wrists straight.
Don’t forget to breathe.


Trainer says: count strides.
One, Two, Three, Oops. Big long spot.
Pray I don’t fall off.


Trainer says: more leg.
But my horse is so lazy.
Go, horse! My legs hurt.


We love them all, Victoria! One more for ya from all of us here at Horse Nation…

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Go Riding.


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