SmartPak: How To Wrap a Horse’s Leg

Check out the latest handy how-to video from our friends at SmartPak!

From SmartPak’s YouTube channel:

Wrapping a horse’s legs is something that all horse owners may need to do at one time or another, so knowing how to put polo wraps on a horse, how to bandage a horse’s legs for trailering or shipping, and how to wrap a horse’s legs with quilts are important skills to have. Plus, knowing which bandage or wrap to use – polo wraps, quilted leg wraps, no bow wraps, standing bandages, shipping bandages or travel bandages – is essential knowledge, too.

Watch as Dr. Lydia Gray gives common sense tips on how to apply leg wraps to a horse.

Got it. Need leg-wrapping supplies?

From traditional quilts…

…and bandages…

….to cutting-edge leg wrap technologies…

… SmartPak has your hookup here.

Go SmartPak and Go Riding!


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