#TBT: You Can STILL Anonymously Send Manure to Your Enemies, Frenemies, or the Person Who Has Everything

Just in time for Christmas.

Have you ever been at the barn late at night, and watched your horse lift its tail and deposit a big, steaming pile of crap right in the middle of the aisle? What if you could just box up the stuff and send it to your enemies?

Now you can. Apparently, there are multiple services willing to send manure to your friends and foes for a fee ranging from $15.95 to $44.95. (That’ll teach your boss to keep you late at the office and make you ride in the dark!)

You can send a big box of manure to anyone you please, for any reason, ranging from revenge on your annoying neighbor to “a last minute gift for some one who has everything,” as suggested by sh*tsenders.com.


Wikimedia Commons: Malene Thyssen/ CC

If you would like to send a big steaming pile of horse manure, you’ll have to go with Sh*t Express. They’ll even gift-wrap your package with cute or angry stickers, and delivery is completely anonymous, because senders pay via Paypal or Bitcoin. If you want the choice of cow, elephant or gorilla dung (or a special combo of the three), you can turn to Sh*t Senders/ Poop Senders (the PG version of Sh*t Senders).

Even if you don’t have the urge for revenge, I smell opportunity for horse owners to make some money from all of that manure we spend hours spreading or pay to have hauled away….

Go Riding.

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