10 Completely Ridiculous Horse Sweaters

Guys. It’s sweater weather. You know what you have to do.

While the Equestrian Interwebs goes through its annual maelstrom of “Blanketing! Yes! No! I’m confused!” you may be wondering, “But what am I supposed to wear when the temperature goes from 20 degrees to 50 degrees in the span of a few hours?!” The answer, my friends, is layers. Layers. And sweaters. And boy, have we got you covered on the equestrian sweaters.

You can wear them to the barn if you like under your other ten thousand layers, but we suggest wearing them in public for the best effect.


Perfect for the owner of a grumpy pony. Sara Says Boutique

This design is best if you want people to stare at you for a really long time as they become lost in the hypnotizing horse tessellation. Finally, they’ll understand what it’s like to be in your brain while they’re talking about something non-horse-related.

For the fashionistas among you, designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has a thing for making clothes that would make your inner six-year-old completely FREAK OUT with happiness (or terror. See Exhibit A: The Kermit Jacket). Bad news is, they’re out of stock, and your $400 is probably better spent on a used saddle or at a clinic anyway.



Good news is, you can buy the cheaper version on Etsy and show the world how truly horse crazy you are! (Emphasis on the “crazy.)

Or, you know, you could try to blend in with normal society and go for the mustard-pants-wearing hipster look.

Just kidding. That would be boring.



Happy sun shines over the Mongol Derby. Ebay


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