Meet The Horse Who Plays Soccer With Grannies

According to his FB page, he’s flattered by the attention.


Homepage image from BE-Equine

Rupert came to Elaine Whalley of BE-Equine in Shropshire, England as a colt with bad manners and a lot of fear. Using a combination of Natural Horsemanship and classical equitation training, Whalley gained his trust and made him her willing partner as a therapy horse. Now nine years old, Rupert shows off his repertoire of tricks–including standing on a pedestal and kicking around the soccer ball with old ladies–in demonstrations at schools, nursing homes and other events.

Of course, being such a model equine citizen, he is quite modest about his achievements.

One nursing home resident commented,”He’s lovely. And it’s lovely to be able to look at him and talk about him–and though you may think it very silly–to smell him.”

I think we all know and love that horsey smell!

Go Riding.


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