8 Newscasts Gone Awry Thanks to Horses

Horses — they just can’t help stealing the show. Especially when there’s a live broadcast involved.

We got a kick out of this video of a racehorse getting “too attached” to Australian weather presenter Edwina Batholomew at the Melbourne Cup earlier this month.


Edwina was a good sport — “Evidently this horse is on a diet of coat!” she exclaimed — but other news anchors and cameramen didn’t get off the hook so easily.


Like this racetrack cameraman, who didn’t see it coming until it was too late  — talk about a close-up shot!

Another news anchor who got just a little too close to the action — perhaps he didn’t get the memo that on the track in the middle of a horse race isn’t the best place to stand:

A cameraman’s professionalism (and pain threshold) is put to the test by a curious horse:

This woman’s interview is about to be interrupted in 3, 2…

These weather reporters got photobombed by people in horse masks:

And last but not least:

Go Riding!


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