Top 10 Reasons to Not Have Horses in Your Wedding

Horses are basically 1,000+ pound wrecking balls with a tendency to do whatever they feel like at the least convenient moment possible. Do you really want to let them anywhere near one of the most important days of your life?

A few things to consider:

10. Horses poop.

9. Horses pee.

8. Horses fart.

7. Horses get scared and run away.

6. Did we mention horses get scared and run away?

5. Brides get scared and run away on horses.


4. Horses aren’t meant to be ridden in giant, poofy dresses.

3. Horses get hungry.

2. Horse are masters of the photobomb.


And the #1 reason to leave your equine home on your wedding day… horses make grooms jealous!

Go Riding (but maybe not down the aisle).


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