SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Jessica Wisdom & North Forks Cardi

Jessica and her 14.3-hand Welsh Cob stallion stole the show to win the Grand Prix Open Freestyle Championship at the US Dressage Finals in Lexington, Kentucky.


Jessica Wisdom & North Forks Cardi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons License.

We raved about Jessica and North Forks Cardi earlier in the week (see Carla Lake’s 3 Unlikely Pairs Kick Butt at the US Dressage Finals) but thought they deserved just a little more time in the spotlight.

From a USEF Network press release:

It may have taken North Forks Cardi four days to travel across the country from Battle Ground, Wash. (Region 6) to attend the Finals with owner/rider Jessica Wisdom, but it only took a matter of minutes for the charismatic Welsh Cob stallion to become the fan favorite on his way to winning the finale class of the night, the Grand Prix Open Freestyle Championship.

“Freestyle is where he really shines — he hears that music and he becomes a big horse. Nobody told him that he’s only 14.3 hands!,” said Wisdom. “All he has to do is go out there and be the rock star that he knows he is. And you saw what happens! He has an ego the size of Texas. He seemingly becomes three hands taller and says, ‘watch this.”

More from the #USDressageFinals is available on-demand on USEF Network here.

Go Riding!

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