Best of Craigslist: ‘Ah! No’ Edition

Today’s lineup: a good horse gone bad, another interesting photo choice, a DIY camper/horse trailer, an equine abstinence public service announcement and a saddle that is either gigantic or the horse/rider it belongs to are really small.


First up, from reader Brenda:




Beautiful Registered Appaloosa Horse Club gelding. Shadow is eighteen years old and you’d never, ever, guess it. I got this horse a little over a year ago. He had not been ridden in over five year… worked him in a round pen a little while and rode him with no problem. Brought him home… trail rode him everywhere from Percy Warner to LBL. Rode great and loaded within seconds… great horse. UNTIL…. I sold my daughter’s pony… and then, the trouble began. I couldn’t put my finger on it… he got in a scuffle with my other gelding and I thought he got hurt… even took him to and Equine Chiropractor. Long story short… it was all over a little mare in the herd. Apparently the pony had kept Shadow away from her previously and now he is totally buddy sour to the mare. You will see in the pictures that he rode just fine… no tie down. However, Shadow is very strong on the from end… and EXCELLENT jumper as I found out. He can easily clear three feet (3′) with no problem Think he could even clear four feet! He moves nicely at a walk, trot and canter and is smooth as can be. He is just a handful now when you try to ride him separate from the mare, although he is doing better now. However, I board this horse and I don’t own the mare and it’s too hard to keep them in separate pastures. The people who owned him before me had owned him since he was a yearling and had two other geldings… no mares. He is not proud cut or anything like that… behaves just fine around other horses. Doesn’t kick or act out toward other horses on the trail. He just needs to be separated from this mare and pastured with geldings. As I stated, he had been pastured with a mare for months, and I didn’t have trouble until I sold the pony who was above him in the pecking order. Look at the pictures … you’ll recognize Percy Warner Background etc. The last three pics show him in meltdown mode. One is him riding away from barn under saddle. The last two are of us trying to load him after our visit with the chiropractor. If you think you’d like him, give me a call. Under the right conditions (no mare) he’s a doll!



Well, they certainly get points for honesty! From Steph: “Good ad but the picture doesn’t exactly make me want to rush over there and go for a ride!”

Black Locust Farm services offered

Black Locust Farm currently offers :
Two horse trailer wb size for rent at $75.00/day or any part thereof. Deposit required, contact for details.
Fall trail rides, offered from now until mid- October at $35.00/hour- hour and a half. Beginners welcome! Includes 10 -20 minutes of instruction and a 45 – 50 minute trail ride. Come on out, the weather is beautiful! !
Lessons : English lessons, beginner to intermediate. $25/hr semi private, $35.00/hr private.
One to two boarding spots available, $250.00/month, natural board, round pen, riding ring, river access and lots of trails.
We are a fully insured commercial facility.
Contact for details! Thanks!




Three different readers — Kimberly, Lauren and Kari — forwarded us this one for a “DIY living quarter horse trailer.”


Another pic:



From Kymbre: “Now here’s an interesting ad.


Just a public service announcement to STOP breeding horses just to pop out a cute baby. Just because that horse has cool color, great temperament or has balls does not mean its breeding worthy. Go look at some of the registered/grade, unbroke/broke.. Old, young, sound, crippled, pregnant horses shipping to slaughter everyday. Irresponsible breeders who spank out 50+ babies a year, backyard breeders looking to make that $75 for those yearlings you take to the sale.. Well you all suck. And I watch most your horses sell for meat. The horses whose pictures are posted were bought by a kill buyer and immediately from the sale they were shipped straight to slaughter yesterday. These are just some Of many. All were gentle, sweet and BROKE to ride.. Aside from the paint broodmare. So think twice before breeding.. Their are enough unwanted horse’s in this world. and just because your horse has color, conformation, is good tempered or even broke won’t always save it.



From Donna: “The owner complains the saddle is too big for them but what about the poor horse? It’s obvious the saddle is way too big for the horse and the saddle pad is too small too.


Hey this saddle is great. Still fairly new. I’ve used it about ten times. It has a black suede like seat. There is a matching breast strap and bridle (the bridle is not on the palomino but it is on the other horse). I’m also willing to trade for an English saddle. This saddle is much too large for me so that’s why I’m selling. give me a call we can work something out. I have more pic if you text

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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