Back on Track ‘Horse Therapy’: Carly & Muffin

Little horse, big heart! Carly Pearl-Sacks introduces us to her therapy horse, Muffin.


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From Carly:

My name is Carly and I own an American miniature horse named Muffin. She is 7.3-hands and is a registered therapy horse registered with the Pet Partners Association.

Muffin and I have been a therapy team for three years. She is a great little horse and her therapy work entails going to local nursing homes and schools in the PNW. Muffin visits people in the nursing homes and has an advantage being so small because she can fit into tight spaces next to hospital beds and residents don’t have to leave their wheelchairs to pet her. When Muffin is at elementary schools, she enjoys being read to and cuddled with.

To transport Muffin to the nursing homes and schools, she rides in the back of our mini van. She also wear little sneakers in the nursing homes and rides in elevators too! When Muffin isn’t doing therapy works, she’s doing tricks or in-hand jumping. Muffin is a very special little horse.


Muffin on her way to a nursing home on a rainy afternoon.


Muffin meeting my show jumper (he’s 17.3 hands!)


Muffin at one of the nursing homes with me.


Muffin practicing her in hand jumping with my brother.


Muffin on her way to work in the mini van.


And these are Muffin’s sneakers that she wears in the nursing homes.

Keep up with Muffin’s latest adventures by “liking” his Facebook page here.

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