Retired Racehorse Project Launches Online Video Series

Love Thoroughbreds? Then you’ll love RRP’s new series.

The Retired Racehorse Project has an exciting new project to highlight all of the different things off-the-track Thoroughbreds can go on to achieve–an online video series called RRP TV.

In the first episode, eventerĀ  and president of the Retirement Racehorse Project Steuart Pittman compares and contrasts Thoroughbred retraining methods with Dale Simanton, a former jockey who runs the Gate to Great program in South Dakota where he retrains Thoroughbreds as ranch horses.

The challenge: Each rider will watch the other ride a retrained off-the-track Thoroughbred, make some comments, and then they’ll switch mounts. Pittman will attempt to teach Simanton’s horse a little dressage and jumping, and Simanton will teach Pittman’s horse how to be a ranch horse…all in 10 minutes.

How did they do? You’ll have to watch to find out–but half of the appeal is just watching two amazing horsemen talk about their craft, including what they look for in a OTTB ranch horse prospect versus an event horse prospect. Both Pittman and Simanton shared their opinion of the other rider’s horse on everything from conformation to soundness and athletic ability–and each learned a thing or two when they mounted up on the other’s horse!

RRP TV Episode 1: EAST MEETS WEST from RRP TV on Vimeo.


Go Riding.

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