Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks: Blanketing Woes

To blanket or not to blanket? The age old question comes up again as the cold weather approaches. Say it isn’t so!
Source: Custom Chestnuts

Source: Custom Chestnuts — go “like” them on Facebook here!

The comic above perfectly describes many of our sentiments towards blanketing. If I have to walk outside with three coats and a sweater on, then certainly my horse must be equally as cold, right?

In the everlasting struggle to determine what blankets to buy and when to use them, we also found this useful flow chart to use when we’re sitting there debating on what blanket to use:

Source: Auburn Agriculture

Source: Auburn Agriculture

It may look confusing, but it’s quite easy to follow if you answer each prompt honestly. Helpful?

We did some digging and found some more helpful hints on blanketing:

Blanketing 101

9 Blanket Tips’s Guide to Buying Blankets

Of course, whether you decide to blanket or not, sometimes horses just take matters into their own hands…

Go blanketing, and Go Fleeceworks!



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