SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Beezie Madden’s National Horse Show Jump-Off

You know, that one with the long spot that everyone’s been talking about. #beezieforpresident

Photo: Shawn McMillen via Phelps Media Group

It’s hard to find a classier pair than Beezie Madden and Cortes ‘C’. There’s just something so lovable about modest Madden (diffident despite her ability to make Grand Prix look like a stroll in the park) and her always-game mount Cortes ‘C’ (his winsome ability to literally cross his front legs in midair and NOT land on his face will forever baffle and delight me.) And with Beezie and Cortes’ latest performance at the National Horse Show, you’ll fall in love all over again:

Out of eight clear rounds going into the jump-off, only four riders went clear: Candice King on Kismet 50 got the crowd pumped up (though her time would turn out to be almost seven seconds behind Madden’s) and Georgina Bloomberg followed with another clear, two seconds ahead of King. Bloomberg was thrilled with her horse’s performance, realistically knowing she would probably not beat the two superstars yet to come: McLain Ward and Beezie Madden.

Ward, with the scrappy little Rothchild, set a blazing-fast clear round, jumping their hearts out in a performance that by any standards would be tough to beat. In a PhelpsSports.com interview Madden explained that her husband John “told me to take a risk and use [Cortes’] scope at the last fence.” Laughingly, she added “I think maybe I stretched it too far.”

Yeah, let’s take a look at that last fence again:


But Cortes got it done (look closely and you’ll spot him picking up those crossed front legs a little higher for that back rail) and the pair finished a full second ahead of Ward and Rothchild, picking up valuable World Cup points for the championships in April in Las Vegas. Madden also took home the Martha Jolicoeur Leading Lady Rider award and the Audi Leading Rider award thanks to her performance.

Go Beezie!


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